Where getting around without using a car should be stress free and should become a popular, healthy, and sustainable option.

Where the results create a more beautiful and sustainable city that promotes the cultural and artistic qualities of neighborhoods and spurs economic growth for commercial districts.

Where destinations such as schools, workplaces, shopping, dining, and the rest of the region are connected and safely accessible for walking and biking. 


It's a New Era in Inglewood



The City is undertaking the development of an Active Transportation Plan (ATP) that incorporates bicycle, pedestrian, ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) considerations and Safe Routes to School (SRTS) analysis and planning.




We want to improve access and increase public transit connections to the rest of the Los Angeles region. Our goal is to promote improvements that encourage the community  to  walk,  bike or take a bus. Improvements will elevate the attractiveness of the community, spur economic growth and promote the cultural and artistic qualities of neighborhoods. 

Inglewood has already embraced public transit and shown a commitment to fewer automobiles. The community can reap the associated economic benefits. With the addition of the three Inglewood stations for Metro's Crenshaw-LAX transit line, the plan will create an opportunity to accelerate the trend toward transit and promote other connections to the greater Los Angeles region. It will also provide policy makers and city staff the tools to seek funding from grants and public/private partnerships.   Obtaining the funding to implement these initiatives is critical, but it won’t happen without community participation and support.


You can make it happen!